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How to hack dragon city game?

Would you like to have many dragons and different types of them as your pets? If you want these great gifts in the game dragon city cheats than there are easy ways for you to get it. You will be able to choose from the island full of dragons. You will need to breed the dragons in this game to get more of them. You will also be able to create the rarest and the unique of the dragons.

But you have to spend more time in breeding the dragons so instead of doing that you can finish all the missions to get the game currencies which you prefer. You can build the farms, create the habitats and do more for your dragons in the extra time you will get. Here are some tips to be successful in the game.

How to get the gold?

The gold is needed for purchasing the many elements of the dragons. It will upgrade the life of the dragons and make their existence more improved. The gold will also easily be replenished in the city of dragons. So you need to have few strategies up your sleeve to play. Building the places is the simple way to get more gold. The fire and the water will help you to get lot of money and gold. So be ready to upgrade the habitats frequently so that the money will help you to earn more. By logging in to the game daily can also get you the gold.

How to get the gems?

The gems are special and they are difficult to get in the game. You have to finish of all the quests in the game to get the gems. When you get to the new level in the game you can earn lot of gems as a gift. When you subscribe to the various accounts of the game in the social media you will get more gems. The players can also buy the gems with the real cash. The gems need to be spent wisely in the game.

The food in the game

The most important aspect of the game is the food for the dragons. They need lot of food to stay healthy. The gamers have only less food in the middle of the game because the dragons eat it in large quantities. You should feed the creatures that can get lot of gold of you so that it will benefit you. You should focus on building more places and feeding the dragons to stay successful in the game.

Each of the farms makes it indispensable for you to spend game money. So you have to analyse your every move while spending. You can also gift food to the friends and they will give the food in return in your most needy time.

You will attain a legendary dragon if you plan well in breeding different breeds of the dragons. Use these methods to play well in the game.